Colorado’s cancel culture came to a screeching halt after the terrorist attack on Israel, as the progressive left split over when it’s okay to behead babies, rape women and kill more than a thousand people.

It took embattled state Rep. Tim Hernandez an entire week to apologize for his callousness and punk ass attitude.

He produced this bizarre video in which he condemns Hamas, but then breaks into this crazy hand jive to toss his word salad and condemn violence against all civilians with the heartfelt sincerity of a dinner theater actor’s understudy.

Remarkably, Hernandez was only criticized for his behavior publicly by a handful of Democrat lawmakers. All of the state’s top elected leaders who are Jewish gave him a pass, including Gov. Polis.

And just when it looked like Hernandez would get a full pardon for acting like a psycho at a rally for Palestinians while Hamas was still committing war crimes, the Denver Democrat Socialists of America to which he belongs released a statement claiming support from its full membership:

The beheading of babies, burning people alive, kidnapping Americans and Holocaust victims, raping women, firing rockets on Israel for a week?

The socialists blamed Israel and basically told them to stop hitting themselves.

The statement is its own atrocity, yet only a couple of members denounced it.

Juan Marcano, a member of the Denver Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) running for mayor of Aurora against current Mayor Mike Coffman, now claims he only joined the socialists because he was a Bernie Bro who supported (Socialist) Bernie Sanders for president.

Marcano’s friend, Hernandez, has not condemned nor quit the Democrat Socialists of America.

Tim Hernandez campaigns for Juan Marcano for Aurora mayor.

Hernandez must be waiting for someone to write his a new script.

For years the progressive left has engaged in a cancel culture to kill the careers and reputations of those who are accused of sexual harassment or assault, racism, misgendering, cultural appropriation, or stereotyping.

But when the world is on fire and crimes against humanity are committed on a scale not seen since the extermination of Jews by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) in WWII, all but only a handful of Colorado’s leading Democrats went radio silent.

It appears that only Marcano and fellow socialist Democrat Aurora Councilwoman Alison Coombs, who are both up for election next month, have canceled their membership in the Democrat Socialists of America.

For shame.