When the legislature convenes a special session Friday to address the property tax crisis they created when they tried to steal our TABOR refunds in exchange for a smaller property tax increase, history will repeat itself.

Because the state’s going to try again to steal our TABOR refunds in exchange for not jacking up property taxes as much as they could.

Just like they tried, and failed to do, with Prop HH.

Some in the media are trying to assure us the highway robbery would only be for one year.

But just so we’re clear, trading one tax for another tax for only one year, is not a fix for adjusting the one tax that’s spiraling out of control because of Bidenflation.

It’s called kicking the can down the road — a tired cliché we despise — and damn you Democrats for pushing us to use it.

Here’s what’s happened since Gov. Polis acted all contrite and called the special session after his Prop HH scam failed.

Check out the fine print under, stealing TABOR refunds …

Thankfully, Team TABOR is not falling for it.

Hang onto your wallets, and stay tuned! It’s going to be a dodgy and tricky special session!