Elected officials can be so generous when it comes to spending our hard-earned money, especially when it ultimately benefits their own political future.

Take Jared Polis please for example.

The Colorado governor who would be president issued a statement this week pleading with the federal overlords of our tax dollars to give him more of our money to help establish the millions of immigrants pouring over the southern borders as worker minions, future taxpayers, and eventually Democrat voters.

President Biden budget supplemental includes $13.6 billion to continue encouraging illegal migration rather than securing the border and ensuring orderly immigration.

All Biden wants to fund is more border agents to process every migrant into the U.S. who claims their own country is run by meanies who won’t pay for their housing, food, and healthcare like we are apparently supposed to do.

When Democrats declared North America an open territory to the world using sanctuary cities as their base of operation, they probably should have expected it to be expensive.

What they should not have expected, is for taxpayers to get stuck with the bill.