The first day of the state’s special legislative session that was called by Gov. Polis to address wildly inflated property taxes was instead marked by Democrat efforts to block Republicans from doing exactly that.

Turns out Democrats are more interested in getting ahold of our TABOR refunds, again, and spending more taxpayer dollars on social programs that have nothing to do with slashing high property taxes.

Democrats were so busy beating back tax cuts they hardly seemed to notice the anti-Israel protestors gathering around the Capitol, which forced a temporary lockdown on the west side for fear the radical socialist protestors would try to get into the building and get all insurrectiony.

We have visual confirmation that fellow socialist state Rep. Tim Hernandez was slumming inside the Capitol on the House floor instead of protesting again outside with his buddies.

In a nutshell, here’s how the special session to cut property taxes is going so far.

Hang onto your wallets, Colorado. Democrat lawmakers and Gov. Polis are taking you and your hard-earned money for a fast ride on the spending scooter and their batteries are fully charged.