Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is feeling cute, might take Donald Trump off the GOP primary ballot if Democrats can find a court to do their bidding and overturn their failed attempt to kick the Republican out of the election.

Just kidding, she looks absolutely terrified.

Colorado District Judge Sarah B. Wallace ruled late Friday that Trump engaged in insurrection on Jan. 6 when protestors got out of hand, and as the newly released video footage now confirms, wandered aimlessly throughout the Capitol.

And yet, the case brought by Beltway progressives to kick Trump off the ballot went down in flames because the 14th Amendment based on Civil War insurrectionism didn’t apply.

As secretary of state, Griswold is supposed to be the torchbearer of clean and honest elections, yet she’s a ridiculously partisan hack who wants to make her bones on Donald Trump — like so many other partisan hacks.

“The idea that any official who would engage in insurrection would be barred from taking office except the presidency is incredibly surprising,” said Griswold. “That basically means that the presidency is a ‘get out of jail free’ card for insurrection.”

“As someone who cares deeply about the state of our democracy, I find that very troubling,” she said.

It’s troubling when any elected official urges a violent uprising against the government, also known as “insurrection.” Republicans should make a note of that.

But we digress. The case to take Trump off the ballot now goes to the Colorado Supreme Court for appeal.