The Denver Post has unleashed a hilariously back-handed endorsement for Jared Polis to run for president under a column penned by a former Beltway reporter who made his political bones covering Walter Mondale back in ’77.

Polis should run, T.R. “Tom” Reid reasons, because that might prompt other Democrats to also get in the race and force out President Biden: like California Gov. Gavin Newsome, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitman, or U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar.

Slightly backtracking, Reid assures Polis could even win because he “checks a lot of boxes” including being Jewish, gay, and rich.

Progressive Democrats just love their identity boxes.

After a generally successful first term, a well-received response to the COVID pandemic, and a runaway re-election victory against a Trump-endorsed challenger, Polis is gaining national recognition as the kind of person who might become a president.

We would argue that winning against Trump in Colorado is not to be confused with winning against him nationally.

And the author is delusional if he truly believes Polis’s response to the pandemic was well-received outside of far-left circles on the Front Range.

The final insult unleashed, is that Polis should run for president to strengthen Biden’s run against just about any Republican who wins the primary.

Even Joe Biden would benefit from such a challenge. If he managed to beat Polis or other major figures in a serious primary contest, Biden would enter the general election as a proven winner, rather than as “Sleepy Joe,” the default choice of a somnolent party.

In other words, Polis shouldn’t give up his day job.