President Biden’s popularity numbers may be swirling in the toilet, but he knows he can count on Colorado Democrats to obediently gather for a $1,000 a head fundraiser this week and pretend the emperor is wearing his pajamas.

Because it will be held well past his 4 p.m. bedtime.

Just kidding. We don’t have any idea what time or even where in the “Denver area” the event will be held, who is invited, or who would even dare be seen with one of the most unpopular presidents in U.S. history.

It’s all probably top secret to keep away the Democrat Party’s unruly progressives like state Reps. Tim Hernandez and Elisabeth Epps, who are now protesting on behalf of the Hamas propaganda machine.

Biden can’t even attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in tony Nantucket these days without getting heckled by idiots yelling at him to end the genocide of the people who are the ones pursuing the genocide of Jews.

It’s a crazy world. And progressives are running it.

Presidential candidate-in-waiting Jerod Polis is expected to make an appearance at the fundraiser, and perhaps the staged climate event at CS Wind in Pueblo on Wednesday.

Biden is planning to make a big deal of all the tax cuts he and the Democrats are forking over to Big Climate in exchange for wildly inflated job numbers and other promises they can brag about to get reelected.

CS Wind is a South Korean owned company that’s getting massive tax breaks that will be backfilled out of the pockets of Colorado taxpayers, in exchange for building more giant windmills to pollute our landscape.

But that’s not the official spin.

“We are thrilled to welcome President Joe Biden to Pueblo, the home of heroes and the best chile in the world — the Pueblo chile,” Polis said in a release. “Colorado is leading the nation in transitioning to 100% renewable energy, and our wind manufacturing capabilities are helping to power our clean energy economy, create jobs, and save people money on electricity.”

Can we get a reliable fact check on that “saving people money on electricity” claim as well as Colorado leading the nation in transitioning to renewables?

Polis’s rhetoric sounds as inflated as Biden’s economy.