Colorado voters still aren’t as stupid as Gov. Polis and his Democrat legislative minions keep fooling themselves into believing.

Like when voters rejected the false choice of property tax relief in exchange for a TABOR tax grab in Prop HH.

Or when Polis called a special session of his stogies and pretended they would address property tax hikes, but applauded when Democrats blew some of our TABOR refund anyway on more welfare programs and pulled yet another bait and switch on property tax relief.

Small business owners got the shaft with zero relief, and will bear the brunt of 40% property tax increases due to the Bidenflation of Bidenomics.

Yet less than a week after the special session ended, Polis had the nerve to pretend he is a friend to small business owners.

Coloradans aren’t falling for Polis’s hypocrisy, just read all their comments on his post.

It’s brutal.