It’s no longer amusing when President Biden stumbles up and down the stairs and through the names of world leaders.

Now he’s making small talk to strangers about nuclear weapons and bragging he has the secret code to start World War III.

“Now look, my Marine carries that, but it has the code to blow up the world,” the 81-year-old president told workers during a tour this week of the CS Wind facility in Pueblo.

Biden was referring to a Marine who always accompanies the president with “the football,” a satchel carrying the authentication codes to launch a nuclear attack.

“This is not nuclear weapons, is it?” Biden hopefully joked with workers examining a wind turbine.

It was one embarrassment after another at the South Korean-owned factory, which the Colorado media failed to report in favor of Biden’s scripted talking points bashing Republicans.

But the national and international press took note.

From the New York Post:

Moments later, Biden blundered through a 23-minute speech as polls show large majorities of voters are concerned about his mental acuity as he seeks re-election.


“I am friends with your leader, Mr. Moon, you know,” Biden told corporate leaders — appearing to refer to former South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who left office in 2022.

In London, the Daily Mail called the event a gaffe-strewn appearance in which Biden also mistakenly referred to his predecessor as “Congressman Trump.”

When Air Force One landed in Pueblo, Biden failed to even see or acknowledge those assembled to greet him, including U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper and Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar.

The Mail reported Biden walked straight to his limousine without so much as a nod.

Biden later apologized to Gradisar, but not Hickenlooper.