The infighting among progressive Democrats is only getting worse since state Rep. Ruby Dickson resigned on Friday citing political dissension that became obvious during a special legislative session marred by Palestinian propaganda-fueled protests.

“While I’m proud of our legislative accomplishments, it has recently become clear that the sensationalistic & vitriolic nature of the current political environment is not healthy for me or my family,” Dickson said in a social media post announcing her resignation.

The Greenwood Village Democrat and member of the House Democrat Jewish Caucus only served one year of her first term. She was the youngest member elected to the legislature, beating her opponent by 12 points.

Dickson’s resignation seems to have fueled racial discord among some Democrats, including Portia Prescott, president of the Rocky Mountain NAACP Conference who accused Dickson of bullying a Black man out of the election.


Interesting choice of words, as it looks like Dickson is the one being bullied without any intervention by Democrat leadership.

The thread by Democrat state Rep. David Ortiz of Centennial accuses Democrats of behaving like (Gasp!) Donald Trump and his MAGA followers.

Ortiz shamed them for remaining silent about the toxic behavior of their fellow Democrats.

“This is NOT about differences in policy. This about calling out toxicity that will use any means to justify their ends. We should not become the monsters we mean to slay in saving lives & doing good work,” Ortiz said.

The unnamed toxic Democrats are apparently contagious, inspiring the worst behavior among fellow liberals. Ortiz called it gross and dangerous.


Little is being said in the Colorado media about what forced Dickson to abandon her post after just one year.

But just two weeks ago, this headline appeared in Colorado Politics:

Jewish Democratic leaders call for end to ‘divisive rhetoric’ within party

It’s what Scooby Do and the gang would call a clue.

From the letter, signed by 150 Democrat Jewish leaders, which was also reported by Shaun Boyd on CBS Colorado:

“Equating a military response to a terrorist attack as “ethnic cleansing,” “genocide,” or “colonizing” is not only inaccurate, it is downright dangerous. We fear that a small but vocal minority has created a dangerous echo chamber that is putting us and our families at risk of actual harm.”

Democrat State Rep. Elisabeth Epps was specifically criticized by the Anti-Defamation League for her disruptive behavior during the special session.

PeakNation™ will recall Epps joined anti-Israeli protestors in the gallery and called her fellow Democrats, fascists.

The ADL asked Democrat leaders to take note of House rules and do something to stop such behavior in the future.

Democrat leaders have yet to respond to the concerns from Jewish leaders.

But they did give Dickson a glowing send-off, citing her short-lived career as brilliant and credited her for making Colorado a much more affordable and safer space in which to live.

Unless you’re Jewish.