Correction: The previous headline and story was updated to reflect the letter represented voters, not just Jewish voters. Joshua Sharf writes in a seperate Page Two article that Colorado businessman Rob Schwartz points out the letter “is not a partisan, or ideological, or even exclusively Jewish effort.  Signatories are both Jewish and Christian, and come from all across the political spectrum, from very liberal Democrats to conservative Republicans.”

Voters are calling on state House leadership and Gov. Polis to condemn and censure radical socialist Democrat state Rep. Elisabeth Epps for her antisemitic statements and disruption of the legislature during the recent special session.

The plea appeared in a letter signed by 50 people published by the Intermountain Jewish News, which was reported on by Page Two over at Complete Colorado.

“Governor Polis and Attorney General Weiser — are you willing to support a legislator who makes excuses for the massacre and mutilation of Jews, or will you support Israel and all decent Jews, Christians and Muslims who are profoundly troubled by Rep. Epps’s disturbing rhetoric?” the writers ask.

“Her actions illustrate that she is less-than-credible and her statements, such as “From the River to Sea,” are anti-Semitic. Her strident public rants evidence her anti-Israel animus. Her actions in interrupting a fellow legislator, who is Jewish, during debate on a tax bill for an anti-Israel rant are deplorable and unfitting for an elected state representative from District 6 in Colorado!” the letter said.

“Hamas’s unhinged barbarism beheaded and burned babies, raped women, and murdered more than 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians. Even now, not all of their remains have been identified. Additionally, some 240 people, including U.S. citizens, were kidnapped. Rep. Epps has not publicly condemned these actions. The flood of lies from Hamas and its supporters are unacceptable. It is a responsibility for all elected officials to explicitly oppose these violent terrorist actions — not to sow discord and attempt to justify the unjustifiable.”

House leaders have not publicly responded to numerous public pleas by the Democrat and Jewish community to address the behavior of those in the Democrat caucus whose crass behavior has crossed the line into dangerously hateful rhetoric.

Supporters of the Jewish community are also being asked to join their call for a censure resolution by contacting House Speaker Julie McCluskie at 303-866-2952 or [email protected].

Epps isn’t the only one drawing fire for her base behavior.

PeakNation™ will recall a Democrat vacancy committee recently installed socialist Democrat Tim Hernandez as a state Rep. for Denver, who also made a total ass of himself during the special session.

There’s a movement afoot to be rid of him as well.