The House voted 221-212 along party lines to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Biden and his family’s business dealings to learn if he profited from foreign business dealings.

Colorado Democrats criticized the inquiry claiming Congress should not go about collecting evidence unless it already has the evidence it needs to prove Biden’s crackhead son didn’t act on his own without daddy’s help to earn millions from sketchy foreign business partners.

The first-hand testimony of Hunter’s business partners wasn’t enough. Evidence from Hunter’s laptop dismissed. Hordes of money passing through Biden bank accounts, whatever.

How much more smoke to signal a fire is burning in the Biden’s bank accounts do Democrats need?

If Biden himself blurted out a confession during a press conference, Crow would be like: “Well yeah, but the old man’s tots senile.”

To everyone surprise, Republican U.S. Rep. Ken Buck voted in favor of moving towards a formal inquiry, as did Colorado’s other Republican House members Doug Lamborn and Lauren Boebert.

Freshmen Democrat U.S. Reps. Brittany Pettersen and Yadira Caraveo, both voted against an impeachment investigation but did not issue statements explaining their votes.

Pettersen is instead talking about abortion and her mom’s drug addiction recovery, again, and Caraveo is busy promoting her bill to educate folks about iron deficiency. Our suggestion would be to eat more red meat. But we digress.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Impeachment investigations give Congress additional power by increasing the likelihood that a court would authorize access to grand-jury materials and improving the chances of overcoming assertions such as executive privilege. While there is disagreement over whether a formal House vote is needed to authorize an impeachment probe, such a move helps remove legal ambiguity.

The House Oversight Committee has been focused on the financial dealings of the president and his family, while the House Judiciary Committee has been investigating what Republicans portray as the weaponization of the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We think impeachment should always be a measure of last resort. But there is ample circumstantial evidence that something rotten is in the House of Biden, and it reeks of pay for play by the Big Guy.

The House is right to move forward with an impeachment inquiry.

And if the best defense by Democrats is that it’s payback for impeaching Trump, they’ve already lost their case.