The Colorado Republican Party is banking on a Plan B to cast ballots for Donald Trump through a caucus event instead of a primary election in March.

That’s if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the decision to kick the former president off the ballot for crimes of which he has not been convicted.

PeakNation™ will recall, even if the Colorado Supreme Court does not, that a Senate impeachment trial on an indictment of insurrection found Trump not guilty. The vote was 57 to 43, with 67 votes required to convict. But we digress.

The state GOP had a plan prefilled with the Republican National Committee to make the switch if Trump’s opponents succeeded in using the courts to affect the election outcome.

The plan would allow the state party to award delegates to Trump at the national nominating convention.

From NBC News:

Colorado’s presidential primaries are currently scheduled for Tuesday, March 5. But state Republicans already have scheduled for caucuses across the state for other offices on March 7 explained Vera Ortegon, a Republican National Committeewoman from Colorado.


“Hopefully, we will win the appeal to the Supreme Court, and his name will appear on the ballot. But if not then of course, we have a plan B — to elect the presidential candidate through the current caucus system,” she said.

The catch is that the plan requires cooperation from the most partisan Secretary of State ever to rule over an election, Jena Griswold.

Griswold spokesflak Jack Todd told NBC “Colorado law does not allow a presidential primary election to be cancelled at the request of a political party.”

Todd went on to threaten Republicans with even more court action.

“If the Colorado Republican Party attempts to withdraw from the presidential primary or ignore the results of the election, this would likely be a matter for the courts,” Todd added.

No matter which way the Supreme Court rules, Colorado is simply not a major player in the presidential election for any Republican candidate.

But it’s the principle of the matter that has our nose out of joint.

Using court judges to kick a candidate off the ballot for alleged crimes that no jury of their peers has found them guilty is purely un-American, and further corrupts our judicial system.

But on the bright side, at least Democrats now acknowledge the legality of the U.S. Constitution — even misinterpreted — instead of relegating it to dustbins of history as an outdated relic.