Denver Mayor Johnston flew to D.C. on the taxpayer’s dime Thursday to demand taxpayers cough up billions more to pay for the millions of migrants crashing Biden’s wide open border with bogus asylum claims.

Johnston’s been making those same demands for months, but now he has a photo of himself demanding money while flanked by some of the state’s Democrat delegation in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Democrat mayors from major cities including Johnston are making it clear they don’t’ want order restored to the border.

They aren’t calling for a return to the reasonable asylum practices Biden canceled, where the need for asylum was proven before we turned newcomers loose here to beg for housing, food, and/or jobs.

Johnston’s message is to keep ‘em coming. Raise more taxes on American citizens and send him some of that money so he can hire his political base to help house, feed, and clothe the world.

Don’t stop the flow, just help roll out the welcome wagon!

Make no mistake, this is exactly what we will get if Biden is reelected for four more years. Millions more migrants, most with questionable asylum claims, begging on our streets for food and housing.

Watch if you want, not a single one of these Democrat lawmakers from Colorado demanded order at the border.

From Colorado Politics:

As of Thursday morning, Denver has welcomed an unprecedented 37,604 immigrants. More than 4,300 are being temporarily fed and sheltered by city taxpayers. The expense has been tremendous: $38 million, and counting.

“Denver, like many cities in America, is a vibrant, thriving city full of generous folks who want to see everyone succeed,” Johnston said. “We are also a city right now that is facing a humanitarian crisis and a fiscal crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in the last 25 years.

“And that is the result of what we know is the ongoing influx of migrant arrivals who are seeking asylum in America and the system that is not adequately helping them to succeed.”

It’s way past time for Biden to reinstate the Wait in Mexico rule, wherein prospective asylum seekers must remain until their case is heard.

The system is not designed to help everyone in the world who wants to live here, but we will always find room in our hearts and wallets for those truly needing asylum.