The lack of affordable housing is nothing new to working class folks across the state’s swanky ski resorts who have struggled since the 1980s to pay the rent.

Now those who lived like paupers to actually buy a property are about to get mugged for their effort by Gov. Polis, who broke his pledge to slash the 2024 property tax spike.

Aspen Daily News reports it’s not just the rich, but the locals who are taking some of the biggest hits.

In Pitkin County, tax bills surged from 43% for an infamous McMansion on Red Mountain to 75% for a longtime local’s home in Brush Creek Village.

One home behind the El Jebel City Market more than doubled in price to nearly $860,000 after state-mandated tax revaluations last year, with a tax bill of $4,300.

Tax bills are doubling for other homes by the thousands, while the rich are facing bills upwards of $20,000, the News reports.

In Eagle County, it’s been a month since county commissioners considered offering tax relief to its residents.

Yet in the Vail Daily report, it sounded more like commissioners were in favor of local governments taking the bigger chunks of working local’s property taxes to pay for their own paychecks and health care.

Adding insult to injury, Chief Financial Officer Jill Klosterman suggested that taxpayers also pick up the tab for people who can’t afford to pay their property taxes.

From the article:

 The Colorado Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program uses federal funds to help homeowners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. That program helps property owners catch up on bills including past due payments, property taxes, mobile home lot rents and insurance. The state’s property tax deferral program can help property owners defer property tax payments. The taxes deferred aren’t due until the property sells.

Cringe. That’s not exactly what the state is saying. The tax deferral program is basically a second mortgage to help seniors and those in the military with lower interest rate loans, with the bureaucracy to fund it all paid for by taxpayers.

The deferral loan is recorded as a junior lien against the participant’s property until paid in full.

Government greed knows no bounds. The more they claim to help, the more money of ours they steal.