State Rep. Elisabeth Epps hasn’t bothered to show up for a single day of work since the legislature began the 2024 session last month.

Surely it can’t be because she’s spending all her time campaigning for reelection, because she only raised a paltry $8,000 in the last quarter.

It turns out her own Democrat colleagues and leadership are so fed up with her antics, they’re donating to her opponent, Sean Camacho, who raised $58,000 in the same period.

From Colorado Politics:

All told, 17 current state lawmakers — including 11 of Epps’ fellow House Democrats — have endorsed Camacho, a nearly unprecedented show of support for someone challenging an incumbent.

Not a single one of Epps’ current House colleagues have donated a dime to help get her reelected.

The Denver Post reports House Majority Leader Monica Duran gave $450 to Camacho’s campaign.

Here’s why:

Earlier this year, the House leadership reprimanded Epps, who joined pro-Palestinian protesters in the gallery during the November special session and at one point called fellow lawmakers “fascist.” House Speaker Julie McCluskie issued a a sternly-worded warning that such actions in the future could lead to more serious consequences.

Fellow Palestinian protester and House Democrat Tim Hernandez also showed weak fundraising this quarter, matching Epps’ $8,000. That despite numerous pleas on social media to donate to him through an evil high-rolling Political Action Committee (PAC) ActBlue.

Hamas Timmy didn’t insult his colleagues by protesting from the House gallery and calling fellow lawmakers names.

But he did replace the U.S. flag on his House floor desk with a Palestinian flag.

Democrats are giving him a pass, unlike Epps.