Sanctuary City Denver is literally showing migrants the door with the offer of free* travel tickets to somewhere else now that the cold weather emergency has ended that allowed families to stay six weeks in area shelters.

It’s closing time, they’ll be told after three weeks. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Venezuelan migrants tell Westword they are getting ticket offers to leave shelters before check-out time.

Yet many say they want to stay even though they can’t find work without proper work permits, or a place to live.

City officials say they’re urging migrants to just leave town to avoid adding them to the homeless population.

You know, like Texas was forced to do when Biden flung open the border and processed everyone who approached as an asylum seeker — whether they qualified or not — and the Eagle Pass population alone surged from 29,000 to 200,000.

Now that liberal guilt has finally reached its breaking point in Denver, an estimated 3,000 migrants over the next two months will be told to move along.

If the migrants stop coming, the shelters will eventually be closed.

But that will all depends on the November election.

If Biden is reelected, Denver taxpayers better buckle up.

*Plane and bus tickets are not free but will be paid for with the tax dollars collected from hard-working Colorado residents.