Radical big city environmentalists have been using federal red tape against westerners for decades to kick us off the public lands in our backyard and deprive us of every livelihood it provides, from natural resources to recreation.

It’s past time for some payback.

So thank you Colorado Conservation Alliance for filing a lawsuit against the state and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for failing to follow those same rules and regulations in their zealous pursuit of turning loose apex predators loose in the high country.

The Fence Post reports from the lawsuit:

The defendants did not conduct the environmental review process under NEPA for the action of taking an apex predator (the gray wolf) from a population hundreds of miles away and introducing it onto an entirely new landscape in Colorado.

Then there’s the rank deception by the state and feds in releasing the wolves without informing the public that five of the beasts were pulled from packs with a history of killing livestock, or depredation.

“It appears that this is in direct conflict with information the defendants provided to the Colorado public on wolf introduction, such as sections of the Wolf Restoration and Management Plan stating that “[n]o wolf should be translocated that has a known history of chronic depredation, and sourcing from geographic areas with chronic depredation events should not occur. This is already causing major issues for landowners and livestock producers, such as the depredation observed in North Park.”

There allegedly will not be any more wolf relocations until December.

If only the lawsuit could stop this madness altogether.