Decorum in the state legislature sunk to an embarrassing new low this week under the rule of Democrat House Speaker Julie McCluskie.

Several dignitaries and family members of some of those kidnapped in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel were denied recognition on the House floor.

They were banned by McCluskie who admitted she could not maintain civility among the lawmakers to treat the visitors and victims with civility.

Instead, McCluskie demanded respect for the radicals who have recently behaved so abhorrently towards Jewish lawmakers, that at least one has resigned in frustration.

“We must respect the deep personal connections members in this chamber have to this ongoing tragedy. I did not have assurances that members on both sides of the aisle would rise to the occasion, and I had concerns that continuing to bring this issue into the chamber would have had long term detrimental impacts on how we are able to work together for the people of Colorado.”

Nice try McCluskie, but it’s your Democrats like Elisabeth Epps who protested from the House gallery and heckled Jewish lawmakers on the floor who are the problem.

Then there’s Tim Hernandez who took down the U.S. flag on his desk and replaced it with a flag that represents Palestinians.

Republican Rep. Ron Weinberg from Loveland arranged for the six families and dignitaries to be honored in both the Senate and House.

After his guests were blocked by McCluskie at the last minute, the dignitaries were instead honored in the Senate chambers.

Colorado Politics reports Weinberg was allowed the rare honor of addressing the Senate. He issued this statement afterwards:

“It is outrageous the Democrats do not trust their own members not to ’embarrass’ family members of victims who have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists,” he said. “This is not a Republican or Democratic issue — this is about saying ‘no’ to evil. This is about standing up for right and wrong. This is about human decency.”

It must be getting very awkward for Gov. Polis, who is Jewish, to work with his Democrat-controlled legislature.

Poli met with the families and other visitors afterwards and issued this thinly veiled admonishment to the haters in the House:

“We are working to create a Colorado for all, where everyone can thrive no matter who they are or what they believe, and today’s visit was a reminder of why that work continues to be so important,” Polis said.