The feds are investigating complaints against Denver Public Schools for using race to determine which students can take math extension courses and who can serve on a committee to evaluate the district’s discipline policy.

The complaints were filed by Mountain States Legal Foundation with the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, which has agreed to investigate.

The foundation claims the school district gives preferential treatment to persons of color and inferred that its use of the word “diverse” is a veiled reference to considering race and people’s gender identity.

It’s an interesting argument put forth by the foundation’s lawyer, Will Trachman to the Denver Gazette:

“ … (T)he district cannot discriminate against White students or individuals who identify with their sex at birth to “make up for some deficiencies” in the educational outcomes of marginalized students.”

A human being’s level of skill should always be the primary deciding factor in evaluating their level of skill. Not their genitals, preferred use of, or skin pigmentation.

Discrimination is discrimination, no matter how progressives try to spin it.

PeakNation™ will recall the so-called discipline matrix is Denver school’s policy for disciplining students with expulsion for extreme behavior. And determines when law enforcement should be brought into a situation, such as when a gun is involved.

After last year’s shooting at East High School injuring two employees and resulting in the student’s suicide, that policy is to undergo a review by this new committee because it has clearly failed.

As has the reverse racism experiment practiced by the Boomer generation’s guilty white liberals.

The Supreme Court has also ruled against race-based admissions in higher education — also known as affirmative action, because reverse racism is still racism. Judging any person on their skin color is racist, while judging them on their sex is sexist.

Neither makes a human being any more or less skilled to take on certain tasks in their education or the work place.

It’s a lesson every school district including Denver should finally learn.