Now that the Supreme Court has balked at Colorado’s argument to kick Donald Trump off the ballot, let’s move on to election day prognosticating, which coincides with this recent survey of Coloradan’s political attitudes.

Conducted by the folks at CU, the Colorado Political Climate Survey purports to gauge our neighbors’ political and partisan leanings, and did not portend well for Democrats.

It’s worth noting the survey included 35% Democrats, 35% independents, and 30% Republicans.

That’s doesn’t come close to mirroring the state’s partisan voting percentages, which breaks down to 48% independent, 27% Democrat and 24% Republican.

Yet still, Trump is within seven points of Biden in the head-to-head matchup, 47% to 40%.

And that was taken before voters learned Biden’s own Justice Department determined the Democrats’ candidate for president is too old and forgetful to face criminal charges for leaving top secret classified documents in an open cardboard box in his garage.

From the survey:

“ … Most notable is Biden’s 78% job approval among Colorado Democrats (seemingly tepid in an era of extreme polarization), and his 38% approval among independents.”

But wait, there’s more painful news.

Colorado’s two Democrat U.S. Senators fell within the 4.23% margin of error of Trump’s head-to-head number with Biden.

Both men’s rankings are underwater. U.S. Sen. Mike Bennet with a 41% approval rating and John Hickenlooper with 43% approval.

Also worth noting, Democrat voters were honest about their tax-and-spend passion. Only 46% favor keeping the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR), while Republicans overwhelming favor protecting their tax rebate by 72% along with 50% of independents supporting TABOR.