The National Monument is always the first closure whenever Congress deadlocks on the annual spending bill forcing a government shutdown.

It’s the swamp’s way of manipulating the public’s sympathy, then punishing them with a major park shut down when bureaucrats don’t get their way.

Interestingly, Denver Mayor Johnston has taken a page from that playbook and announced Friday the city will be shutting down parks one day a week and cutting other essential services like the DMV.

The problem?

Migrants cost too much money so Democrats are using the crisis they created to play presidential politics.

Johnston and others are blaming Trump for the mess Biden caused by letting in eight million migrants, and Senate Republicans won’t give them billions of dollars to continue the crisis in what Democrats claim was a “bipartisan” bill.

From the Denver Post:

“This is a plan for shared sacrifice. This is what good people do in hard situations as you’re trying to manage your way to serve all of your values,” the mayor said while flanked by City Council members and other officials in the City and County Building.

Memo to the media: When Congress splits along party lines on a $118 billion bill to send $60 billion to Ukraine and $14 billion to Israel, plus a few billion to government agencies to trickle down grants securing the continuance of mass migration — it’s not bipartisan.

It means one side didn’t get what they wanted, and in this case, it was Republicans who demanded an end to Biden’s open borders policies that are creating mass migration beyond what the U.S. and cities like Denver can handle.

Republicans aren’t willing to cut a check for billions of dollars to sanctuary cities and non-governmental organizations that are enabling this crisis until Biden agrees to close the barn door he opened to eight million migrants.

It’s like giving someone a blood infusion while refusing to close the gaping hole that’s gushing blood.

Don’t be fooled.

Taxpayers should refuse to turn over more of their hard-earned dollars until Democrats get serious about returning order to the border and Biden stops abusing the asylum system.