President Biden’s immigration policy is as incoherent as the man himself, causing internal White House turmoil and blame games that have resulted in a stalemate of inaction throughout his first term.

That’s according to an unflattering report from Axios, a news website run by Beltway media establishment types not prone to criticizing Democrats.

Aside from the boilerplate sentence blaming Trump, the insider report goes on to explain how the migrant crisis is indeed, Biden’s fault.

Why it matters: The report comes on the heels of Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s budget cuts in order for the sanctuary city to pay for migrants claiming to be asylum seekers.

Johnston blamed Trump for his decision to close parks one day a week, cut recreation and DMV center hours, and stop planting flowers until Republicans pay sanctuary cities billions of dollars to create a new migrant infrastructure.

In fact, Biden waited until his reelection year before asking for sanctuary city funding to pay for the flood of eight million new migrants under his watch.

Reality check: The Biden administration’s failure to contain the crisis was the result of warring ideological factions within the Democrat Party and White House that fouled the decision-making process, Axios reported.

Battle lines were drawn between policy advisor Susan Rice and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra:

Rice referred to Becerra as a “bitch-ass” and privately called him an “idiot,” according to multiple sources.


During one meeting when Biden was tearing into Becerra, Rice passed Mayorkas a note that read: “Don’t save him,” according to two people familiar with the meeting.

Why it matters: The intent of the Axios article was to make excuses for Biden by blaming Trump for the migrant crisis.

And yet the reporting clearly demonstrates why Democrat insiders, White House staffers, appointed Democrats, Biden and VP Harris, are to blame.

Read the article here and keep this in mind as Johnston continues to make taxpayers suffer for failed Democrat policies and their tanking presidential election.