The Aurora City Council is meeting Monday night to deal with migrant drop offs from Denver and vote on a resolution telling their neighbor to case further busing unless they sign an agreement to help deal with the impact and cost.

Resolution sponsors say the need arose after 400 migrants were recently bused from Denver to an Aurora hotel. Sure, Denver’s covering the cost of their stay for a few weeks, but who is responsible for these people once their time is up and they’re out on the streets without a job?

Aurora taxpayers, apparently.

Thanks to President Biden jamming up the immigration system even worse with an open border flooding the country with millions of migrants, many will have to wait up to six years for asylum hearings.

The Democrats’ solution is to go ahead and give migrants work permits without any screening whatsoever and flooding the job market with cheap labor.

It’s funny how Denver Mayor Johnston and Gov. Polis cried and stomped their feet when overwhelmed border states joined non-profits in busing migrants to Sanctuary Cities to ease their burden.

PeakNation™ will recall Colorado taxpayers had to fork over more than $4.5 million for Polis to bus more than 12,000 migrants out of Colorado to other states as he claimed that’s where the migrants really wanted to go.

Who believes that 400 migrants were culled out of Denver shelters because their final destination was Aurora?

Aurora Councilman Steve Sundberg told Denverite the resolution will let residents know where the city stands on the issue of sharing Denver’s burden of being a Sanctuary City.

“The reality is that we have a fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget for our current residents, and with the current challenges we face with homelessness, we are limited.” He said, if passed, the resolution will let residents know: “We have a fiscal responsibility. You really can’t just bus migrants in here without having an agreement.”

The only real solution is to roll back Biden’s policy of open borders and the flood of migrants on an unprepared nation.

Democrats have complained for years that the U.S. immigration system needed reforms because it was too slow and burdened with bureaucracy.

They’ve proven their point by completely wrecking the system, and now their only solution is to print hundreds of billions of dollars we don’t have to hire even more bureaucrats to process Biden’s open border migrants.

It should be an interesting meeting.