Colorado Democrats should probably check in on Secretary of State Jena Griswold this Super Tuesday.

She’s having a rough year this week after the Supreme Court spanking on Monday, and today she must count all those votes for Donald Trump.

We expect it is sheer torture, her having to do her job as instructed by the Constitution instead of political talking points.

For those who missed her pitiful performance on cable news, it was worse than watching those awful commercials of abused and neglected animals. Even the dying plant in the corner looks like it’s trying to escape.

Bless her vindictive little heart, she gets it so wrong.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled states do not have the power to determine eligibility for federal office. Even the liberal judges agreed that way leads to chaos.

Griswold was right though, when she said this:

“It will be up to the American voters to save our democracy in November.”

Voters had the power all along!

Who knew?

Well, Jena, for one.

Meanwhile, Trump is expected to sweep the Super Tuesday states, with or without Facebook’s help when hundreds of thousands of accounts were locked out nationwide hindering communication about Election Day goings on.

Our account is up and running just fine, minus the Colorado Peak Politics page which went missing Monday without a trace or any explanation from the Zuckerberg bots.

Go ahead. Google the Facebook page. It’s been deleted, and certainly not by us.

Interestingly, This post on X is also the last story we shared on Facebook before the page vanished from our account: