Democrats are rolling out the red carpet to welcome even more border crossing migrants to communities across Colorado by giving away $2.5 million in your taxpayer dollars to special interest groups to host the welcome wagon.

Legislation sponsored by Democrat state Rep. Lorena Garcia would establish a system for these non-profit centers to direct migrants who’ve only been here one year on how to get legal services, health care, education, housing, food and jobs.

The bill doesn’t say whether the migrants need to have entered the U.S. legally, through the magic asylum claim, or can just smash their way through barbed wire fencing and the Texas National Guard.

The bill recently passed a House committee and now goes to the floor for a final vote.

Instead of special interest groups, some lawmakers said Colorado’s Office of New Americans should already be doing the job to integrate migrants.

We are just as surprised as PeakNation™ to learn the legislature passed and Gov. Polis signed into law something called the Office of New Americans while we were in the deep throws of a pandemic in June 202. But there it is.

However, Dee Daniels Scriven, director of the Office of New Americans, punted on the responsibility and said they don’t have the capacity to help new Americans.

From KUNC:

“Right now, we don’t have a statewide infrastructure. We don’t have non-profit organizations that are given funding to provide services to new arrivals,” Scriven said. “We are now on the map, and we need to be able to have our nonprofit partners do the work that they do best, which is helping our new arrivals get up on their feet. While we are doing some of that work at the state, we don’t have a program in place like this.”

Perhaps Polis’s Office of Saving People Money could investigate this before taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for millions more in services to illegal and soon-to-be-maybe legal immigrants and Democrat voters.