Socialist Democrat state Rep. Tim Hernandez pulled a fast one on the voters of Denver’s 4th District.

Hernandez held a party Sunday night to celebrate landing a spot on the Democrat primary ballot to run for the state House seat to which he was appointed in August by a vacancy committee of party insiders.

Hernandez won the ballot spot through another Democrat party panel, this time at the Denver Democrat Assembly held March 16.

In announcing his celebration on X, Hernandez bragged about having also gone the petition route and “officially submitting over 1,400 community signatures to the Secretary of State to get on the ballot anyway.”

And yet, Hernandez officially withdrew his petitions from the Secretary of State’s office last week.

So for whatever reason, Hernandez did not have the signatures validated and withdrew the petitions on the deadline day for submissions.

It’s misleading for him to suggest he would have landed on the ballot had he skipped the establishment party process and just gone the petition route with voters in his district.

Meanwhile, his Democrat opponent in the primary, Cecelia Espenoza, went the petition route and of her 4th District voter signatures presented, 1,200 were validated securing her ballot position.