A recent Denver Post headline asks with a straight face if Colorado’s elections chief Jena Griswold is too political.

It apparently comes as news to the newspaper that anyone would dare question Griswold’s hyper combative partisan style.

Not really surprising, since reporters nowadays are taught that objective journalism means anyone who disagrees with progressive Democrats is Hitler.

In preparing for her eventual run for governor, Griswold is using the media to brand herself as the “Defender of Democracy” — a super partisan superhero who battles the evil Orange Man and his insurrectionist minions who lurk mostly in the paranoid minds of progressives.

Griswold told the Post:

“I will not allow the extreme right to define standing up for democracy as not doing one’s job — it’s what every single person should be doing.”


Enabling or giving cover to those making false claims about the integrity of an election, she said, is “undemocratic, un-American and unacceptable.”

The problem with Griswold, as the Post at least acknowledges, is that her partisan rants don’t “play well with those who expect a more even-handed approach from Colorado’s top election official.”

Conservative activists who would pursue state ballot initiatives that must be approved by Griswold’s office are rightly concerned with the election chief’s outspoken partisan rhetoric about issues that come before voters, and when she’s caught up in scandal.

Griswold’s Democracy fearmongering is nothing more that Democrat Party talking points on Celsius.

It wasn’t so long ago that Democrats insisted George W. Bush was not a legitimate president — throughout both terms — and accused Republicans of stealing the election from Democrat Al Gore.

The media never used that as a litmus test for determining whether Democrats were suited for office if they thought Gore’s election was rigged.

Griswold is not the defender of democracy.

She’s a partisan hack employing dangerous rhetoric who hoped to fix a presidential election by abusing Colorado’s court system and the Constitution.

Yet the Supreme Court clearly and unanimously ruled that state’s do not have the authority to determine who can and cannot run for federal office.

Griswold is a loose cannon and cannot be trusted to serve in public office.

Democrats in the state legislature will never allow the impeachment of a fellow Democrat, but they boost her gubernatorial dreams at their own peril.