What’s a conservative congressional district with an upcoming special election gotta do to get some attention in this state?

It seems like the minute Lauren Boebert pulled her name from consideration to fill the remainder of Ken Buck’s term, hardly anyone was interested anymore.

For the record, the Republican 4th congressional District assembly meets today to determine who the party’s nominee will be to face off against the Democrat’s candidate in the special June 25 election.

Held in tandem will be the election to fill that congressional seat for the next term that begins in January.

Boebert is running then to serve the 4th District when the new session begins, and when her term as the Western Slope’s congressional representative ends.

Back to tonight’s event, it will be held somewhere in Hugo at 5 p.m. The Colorado Sun obtained the rules for how it will proceed, but it’s behind a paywall.

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams has more than likely alerted all 111 delegates as to the event’s location, the rules, and other crucial information to hold the assembly.

It’s not clear which candidates that had already declared to run for the open seat afterBuck was expected to finish his term will also run to fill the current position.

We had given up hope of any media attention, but Colorado Public Radio wrote a walk-up story to the event posted this morning that shines some light on what will happen tonight.

They confirmed that Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg has been campaigning hard to fill the vacancy, along with former State Sen. Ted Harvey, State Representative Richard Holtorf, and State Representative Mike Lynch.

Deborah Flora initially said she would run for the vacancy but is now asking the delegates to pick a “placeholder” so as not to give any one candidate a boost to run as incumbent in the election to fill the next session.

Boebert also says that Buck stacked the deck against her by vacating his seat earlier than expected and she says the winner of the special election will be a lame duck.

We would argue that Buck was already a lame duck, made worse by his dissention with the GOP and tendency to vote with Democrats. Cringe.

It would be selfish to insist the 4th District voters go without strong congressional representation for seven months of a 24-month term.

Elections in the U.S. are never conducted on level playing fields, it has nothing to do with equity.

Some folks always have advantages over others whether it’s because of name recognition, funding, the work ethic to conduct a strong ground game, dynamic speaking abilities, or good looks.

Boebert is already running as an incumbent for the seat and her strength in numbers isn’t likely to be affected.

We trust that delegates will hear the speeches and consider all nominations fairly and pick the best Republican to replace Buck for the next seven months.