Republican delegates rolled through six rounds of balloting before finally choosing Greg Lopez to serve as a placeholder for the remainder of Ken Buck’s congressional term representing the 4th District.

But first, Lopez must win the special General Election on June 25 against whomever the Democrats chose as their candidate.

Democrats are already attacking on social media with old clips of Kyle Clark throwing mud at Lopez, the former mayor of Parker and GOP gubernatorial candidate.

Media coverage this morning is also focused on rehashing Lopez’s previous negative media coverage in an attempt convince Republicans not to support him.

This is a strong conservative district, so it’s unlikely a Democrat could pull off a win.

Meanwhile, the balloting signaled who the strongest candidates are so far in the regular election to serve the next two-year term.

In the end it came down to Jerry Sonnenberg, Ted Harvey, and placeholder.

Not participating in the run off election were Lauren Boebert and Deborah Flora.

Among the 100 delegates voting, balloting broke down like this:

Fittingly, Democrats will assemble delegates to pick their nominee on the first of the month, which is April Fools’ Day.