The ballot is set for the Republican primary election in the new 8th Congressional District where state Rep. Gabe Evans will go head-to-head against former state Rep. Janak Joshi.

The delegates at the district assembly held Saturday pushed both candidates over the 30% threshold.

The Colorado Times Recorder reports that Evans was the frontrunner with 118 votes, Joshi received 58 votes, and Joe Andujo failed to make the cut with only 15 votes.

The winner of the GOP primary will take on freshman Democrat incumbent Yadira Caraveo.

From the Recorder:

Joshi, who was nominated by Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine, told delegates that he would be a loyal follower in Washington D.C., supporting Trump and sticking to his conservative values.

Evans, an Army veteran, has been endorsed by Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, and also pledged to support Trump.

“The momentum behind our fight back campaign is real, and it’s growing every day! I can’t wait to take this fight to November and defeat Joe Biden and his far-left ally Yadira Caraveo,” Evans said in a statement.