A Democrat senator under the Denver state Capitol dome is such a bad boss that party leaders declined to recommend anyone to work for her this year after she refused to pay a staffer’s earned wages.

The behavior of State Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis of Lafayette only came to light after she audaciously signed onto a House bill as a prime sponsor to … wait for it … protect workers from wage theft by their bosses.

Recognizing the political wreckage of such irony, House Majority Leader Monica Duran yanked Lewis’s name from the bill.

After the Denver Post obtained some interesting documents from the open records act, many lawmakers played dumb about Lewis, including Lewis.

But not Duran:

“I wanted that focus to stay on the bill, not on Sen. Jaquez Lewis,” Duran said. “Nor did I feel it was appropriate to have someone who’s being questioned — being asked about wage theft — to be on the wage theft bill.”

Over in the upper chamber, Senate President Steve Fenberg is trying to downplay the trouble claiming, “workplace confidentiality requirements.”

As if.

The state legislature is not a private workplace.

Lewis is a politician, an elected public servant, and her voters have a right to know if she is in fact a terrible boss while pretending to be a voice for the workers.

Read the details here in the Denver Post and decide for yourself. It’s one thing to protect the name of her employees, but leadership needs to come clean about the repeated complaints about Lewis.

Maybe that will jog Lewis’s memory and she will knock of the conniving dunce act she pulled on the reporter.