The migrant crisis and immigration chaos sparked by Biden’s open border policy is top of mind for Coloradans preparing to vote for state and congressional leaders.

That doesn’t bode well for the progressive-minded Democrats who insist voters cough up more tax dollars or cut services in order to house and feed everyone on the globe seeking welfare and jobs.

It used to be immigrants were expected to contribute a skill or bring value in return for becoming a U.S. citizen.

Instead of admitting the U.S. doesn’t have the means to take on global poverty, voters are being told by Democrats and their friends in the media they are hateful if think that way.

The gaslighting isn’t working out as Dems expected.

The March 15-19 poll for the Colorado Polling Institute was conducted among 632 likely voters by Democratic pollster Aspect Strategic and Republican pollster New Bridge Strategy. It has a margin of error of 4%.

From the Institute:

Asked for their views on the top issues for the state government to address, with open-ended responses allowed, 14% of Colorado voters volunteered something directly related to immigration, ranking it on par with long-time issues like homelessness (12%) and housing affordability (11%). However, when taken together, pocketbook issues are still dominant (32% mention housing costs, inflation, taxes, jobs, etc.).

Other troublesome findings, Colorado has gotten so expensive that 61% say they have considered moving.

“Colorado is getting more expensive and it’s driving significant voter concern,” said Republican pollster Lori Weigel of New Bridge Strategy. “Concerns about increased costs coming out of the pandemic are not unique to Colorado, but when a majority of voters are seriously considering packing up and moving solely due to the cost of living, it should not escape the attention of elected officials.”

Not surprising, Biden is leading in the head-to-head against Trump for president but is still underwater. The undecideds will definitely make an impact on how it plays out. Here are the numbers: