The Federal Election Commission is being asked to investigate the state Republican Party for alleged campaign finance violations when it used party funds to back GOP chairman Dave Williams’s campaign for Congress in the 5th District.

Using those financial resources without reporting it to the election commission appears to be a violation of federal contribution reporting requirements by the party and Williams as a congressional candidate.

Republican activist and commentator Kelly Maher filed the complaint Thursday, and she brought receipts, reports Colorado Politics.

“Based on public reporting and documentary evidence, there is strong reason to believe that Williams is using the State Party as a slush fund to benefit the Williams Campaign, resulting in unreported and impermissible contributions from the State Party to the Williams Campaign,” Maher writes in the three-page complaint.

Maher cited the January press release announcing Williams’ candidacy that was distributed using the state party’s email list, and the February mailer from the state party attacking Williams’ congressional opponent, Jeff Crank before the party caucuses and assembly.

The support would be considered in-kind donations from the state party and must be reported to the FEC by Williams.

The Republican Party is supposed to remain neutral during party primaries, then back candidates only after Republicans have selected their nominees.

See, that’s how it’s supposed to work in America. We the People select who is best to represent our party, the party does not get to tell us who we must support.

From Colorado Politics:

Williams drew calls from fellow Republicans earlier this year to step down as party chairman after he launched his run in the contested primary. The criticism intensified after the GOP’s flier started landing in mailboxes days before Colorado’s presidential primary and precinct caucuses.

The Williams campaign fired back with wild accusations that had nothing to do with the complaint and declined to address whether the party’s financial support would be included in Williams’ future financial disclosures as required by law.

Williams’ recent actions as the state’s Republican leader goes against everything the party has been fighting against.

The frustration is growing among Republicans who are critical when Democrats cheat in campaigns, and don’t want it happening in their own party. Hypocritical, is the word they reach for.