Step aside Babylon Bee.

There’s a new satire game in town and the conservative folks still left in Colorado are proud to call Scott Shamblin and Nicole McBurney their homies.

Their videos mocking the state’s ridiculously progressive legislature have gone viral across social media as frontman Shamblin and writer McBurney piss off the libs while sending rational thinking folks into hysterical fits of laughter.

We strongly suspect those are not their real names, and after seeing their videos, PeakNation™ will likely agree. And applaud.

Behold! Gen Z has a sense of humor.

It got even better when they tackled the tricky issue of gun control legislation sponsored by socialist state Rep. Tim Hernandez.

More than 500 people lined up to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in March, and Shamblin was with them.

Testifying with his customary straight face, he insisted the answer to crime is defunding the police and sending in unarmed, non-threatening social workers to deescalate the situation using gentle parenting techniques like positive reinforcement and Werther’s Original candies.

It wasn’t until he was concluding his testimony that some lawmakers were finally in on the joke.

“We should also go ahead and amend the bill to include hard and heavy objects. If radicals were to throw cans of corn at high velocity, it too would be an assault weapon. Everything should be soft and squishable, just like my masculinity. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Daddy Joe is my life. Thank you.”

It was so awesome.

But wait! There’s more, thank God.

Proving Colorado’s Democrat-controlled legislature has truly lost its marbles, our dynamic duo took on the most sacred political issue of the left — gender ideology in the classroom.

Identifying as a teacher and gender spirituality therapist, Shamblin testified before a state Senate Committee that parents oppressed their children by withholding allowance, making them do chores, and limiting screen time.

“I’ve seen children choose to go by their chosen name of Fido, Spike, and Chardonnay. It’s so beautiful,” he said.

He was knee-deep into species affirmation before the young person next to him with purple and blue spiked hair suspected something was amiss.

Yet he wasn’t interrupted by the chairwoman until long after he mentioned how affirming a person’s new name solidifies their lived experience, and the invisible disabilities suffered by some furries like phantom tail syndrome.

She asked if he was still speaking to the bill, then allowed him to 10 more seconds to wrap up. And boy, did he.

The Scott and Nicole Network will never run out of material as long as Colorado’s legislature is run by morons.