What could possibly go wrong when government starts tracking purchases of guns and ammunition through payment networks?

It won’t prevent violence, as Colorado Democrat lawmakers have convinced their voters.

Just as tracking alcohol does not prevent drunk driving, or prevent car crashes when vehicles are tracked, or prevent obesity by keeping tabs on fast food meals.

The only purposes for government to track consumer purchases of any item is to tax, confiscate or arrest.

Meanwhile, criminals will simply purchase weapons and ammo off the streets, with cash, or in another state.

This supposed crime prevention bill passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature is supposed to work when credit card companies report activity they deem suspicious to law enforcement.

The bill only has an inch-high hurdle left to clear, and that’s Gov. Polis’s signature to make it law.

When Colorado Democrats finally succeed in making guns and ammo illegal, we’re guessing this law will surely assist them in knowing where to confiscate everything, or who to tax for not relinquishing their 2nd Amendment rights.