If Republicans are always cutting taxes for the rich and putting the burden on the middle class as Democrats claim, why are working folks the ones paying more under Democrat rule in Colorado?

It’s almost as if Democrats just keep repeating those talking points come election time expecting that voters are working too many extra jobs to notice.

And so they are.

Never mind that tax hikes must be approved by voters, and without fail are the brainchild of Democrats.

But it’s not just through taxes that Democrats continue to rob voters, but through so-called fees.

Just like the liquor tax sponsored by Democrat state Sens. Kevin Priola and Chris Hansen under Senate Bill 181.

The legislation would create the “alcohol impact and recovery enterprise in the department of revenue to collect a fee from manufacturers and wholesalers that distribute alcohol within Colorado.”

Jon Caldara over at Complete Colorado’s Page Two says the state wants to tax voters who drink responsibly in order to pay for rehab for meth junkies.

And they’re trying to pass the tax/fee on the sly.

And who will end up getting stuck with higher costs for booze?

Caldara writes:

The bill taxes booze at the wholesale level, not at the cash register where consumers could see it. That hides taxes so those beer-swilling idiots get angry at the greedy liquor companies, not the politicians.

To the new left, “the ends do justify the means.”

And what Democrats always mean to do is spend taxpayer dollars to create more government programs that sound good, but so often are just huge boondoggles that achieve nothing but getting politicians reelected.