Democrats allowed Republicans to have their hearing exposing the vindictiveness of Colorado’s highly partisan election chief, Jena Griswold, before killing articles of impeachment on a party line vote.

The media mocked Republicans for even bothering when the outcome was predetermined, what with Democrats in control of the legislature and only three Republicans appointed to this committee of eight Democrats.

Republicans were accused on social media of wasting the legislature’s time when there are more important issues they should be addressing like property tax caps.

But finally, the public gets it.

In a heavily Democrat-controlled legislature where the majority has nothing but scorn for the minority, every tax that Republicans have tried to cut, every public safety proposal they’ve pursued, every constitutional amendment they try to project, has a predetermined outcome with Democrats at the helm.

And voters are the one who lose.

What we learned from Tuesday’s hearing — it’s perfectly acceptable to rant and rave about one’s political opponents and call them names, so long as your cause is just, Democrats explained.

It’s okay for Griswold to spew extreme rhetoric about Coloradans who would vote Republican or a former president, because she’s supporting the idea of democracy, Democrats said.

It’s not okay for Trump to get all rowdy on social media because he’s only defending America and the Constitution.

“Speaking the truth is not bias,” Griswold told the committee, after soundly trashing Republicans.

The Secretary of State succeeded in proving the point of Republicans and those testifying about Griswold’s partisan approach to an office that must be above such political hackery to inspire confidence in the state’s elections.

Rather than diffusing the political tension that divides this state, her rhetoric during her impeachment hearing only inflamed it further.

Her mismanagement of the office, unprecedented employee turnover, forcing state employees to parrot her political talking points, her relentless pursuit of political opponents and critics, her abuse of office to harass Colorado political candidates — all of it lost on the deaf ears of presiding panel Democrats.

Then, after pissing off folks, she tallies the social media backlash as death threats and claims victimhood.

Panelists warned Democrats that Griswold’s need for revenge against critics extended beyond Republicans, and advised they should watch their own backs around Griswold, lest they be next.

And when Griswold embraces her efforts to kick Trump off the ballot to launch her gubernatorial campaign, Democrats who would support other candidates will be in her crosshairs.