A lawmaker has written a bill intended to stop the abuse of Colorado’s vacancy system to load up the legislature with mostly Democrats who are not elected by voters of their district.

Spoiler alert, the legislation is sponsored by a Democrat.

State Rep. Bob Marshall from House District 43 in Douglas County says he’s already run into opposition from within his own party’s power structure, which has majority control over both chambers.

But what the Hell, he decided to move forward with a bill. It will be up to voters to put pressure on their representative to support the measure.

Marshall has proposed a straightforward solution, amending the state constitution to block interim lawmakers appointed by a vacancy committee from running for office in the following term.

In other words, one and done.

We beg to differ with Marshall’s assertion that the vacancy process is equally abused by both parties.

Of the 29 lawmakers now serving in the state legislature appointed by party insiders on vacancy committees, only six are Republicans, 23 are Democrats.

Vacancy committees are triggered when lawmakers resign before the end of their term.

A few dozen party delegates from that district are convened to vote on a temporary replacement, but the process has turned into a quick steppingstone to incumbency and the lucky winner seems to secure election after election to that office.

PeakNation™ will recall that’s how we got stuck with the likes of Tim Hernandez, Lorena Garcia, and Rhonda Fields.