Democrat efforts to legalize deadly drugs at sanctioned street corner injection centers thankfully failed yet again in the state legislature.

If the three strikes rule was in play, this idea would be out.

But as Brittany Pettersen predicted back in 2019 the first time her effort was flushed down the crapper, Dems are going to keep trying until our kids can destroy their lives with heroin, Fentanyl, and meth under the government stamp of approval.

A state Senate committee late last week killed the House bill on a 5-4 vote with two Democrats voting with the panel’s three Republicans to put it to rest for this legislative session.

Voting for injection centers were Democrat Sens. Rhonda Fields, Lisa Cutter, Sonya Jaquez Lewis, and Dafna Michaelson Jenet.

Voting against the measure were Republican Sens. Janice Rich, Jim Smallwood, Perry Will, and Democrat Sens. Kyle Mullica and Joann Ginal.

Colorado Politics is apparently the only news outlet that covered the hearing, and reports that Ginal was troubled by the one-page bill’s lack of protective measures for the community.

Senate Democrats killed an amendment that would have banned these drug injection party houses from operating near schools or daycare centers, which is just evil.

House Bill 1028 was sponsored by Rep. Elisabeth Epps of Denver, who is endorsed by the Denver Democratic Socialists of America for reelection.