The state legislature ends its evil reign on Wednesday, so it looks like after 120 days of session all we’re going to get are more taxes and fees to keep Big Daddy Government afloat.

Some Democrats are still pretending to finally give us the property tax breaks they keep promising, yet keep failing to deliver.

Democrats insist they need to take more of our money because of inflation.

Coloradans insist they need to keep more of their money because of inflation.

And since that money was earned by taxpayers and not government, we side with ye olde “Finders Keepers” adage.

If the legislature won’t cap our exploding taxes, then it will likely be up to voters through a ballot imitative.

Interestingly, Politico wrote last week of a growing rebellion in the west against tax spikes that it says threatens to reshape politics.

The Democrat dominated legislature in Colorado keeps failing, while the Republican controlled legislature in Idaho quickly took action:

Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis has tried to push for reform, but a ballot measure he was in support of failed last November after it was deemed too complicated and voters took issue with how it aimed at the state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The Colorado legislature is now in the midst of trying to pass tax reforms to deal with the problem.

In Idaho, however, legislators moved more quickly to provide relief, passing packages in 2023 and 2024.

“There was an outcry from our constituents who were really clamoring for relief on the property tax question,” said Idaho state Rep. Jason Monks, the Republican majority leader. “If we’re not doing a good job, they’re going to put someone else in there, so we had to move quickly.”

The reason we have exploding tax hikes and fees in Colorado without accountability is because the voters will likely just vote in different Democrats who will continue their old ways of grabbing more and more of our taxes.