The so-called assault weapons ban sponsored by socialist Democrats self-destructed in a blaze of glory as it was pulled at the last minute from a Senate hearing and votes by (checks notes) a fellow Democrat.

The ban was sponsored in the House by Denver socialist Reps. Tim Hernández and Elisabeth Epps, but it was state Senate sponsor Julie Gonzales who shelved the measure.

From the Denver Post:

In an interview late Monday afternoon, Gonzales would not say whether she thought the legislation was going to die naturally, via a failing vote in committee or on the Senate floor.

Whether some Democrats truly believed in the 2nd Amendment or were just tired of watching Colorado get its unconstitutional ass spanked by the Supreme Court — we’ll never know.

The failure is already a pretend victory that the ban even passed the Democrat-controlled House, as Hernandez brags to reporters how proud he is the bill even passed the House.

He essentially promised that if voters elect him to another term, he will keep doing the same thing over and over and over again to prove his determination to fail.

The bill was an unconstitutional ban on commonly owned firearms including pistols widely used for self-defense, shotguns used for hunting and semi-automatic rifles. Those who violated the ban would have been charged with a petty offense.