Professional protestors plan to lead disruptions at graduations this week on Auraria Campus prompting one college to relocate their commencement ceremony.

Tactics by these outside agitators who are recruiting students to join their questionable crusade have escalated beyond Peaceful Protests™ to biohazard threats, blocking city roads, vandalism and trespassing, according to officials on the campus.

Commencement ceremonies are Thursday for Community College of Denver, Friday for MSU Denver and Saturday for CU Denver.

The Community College of Denver relocated its event.

What few student protestor leaders there are refuse to meet with MSU Denver officials unless their professional handlers leading the disruptions are allowed to attend and explain their demands to cancel Israel.

Not surprising, these pro protest protesting students are incapable of explaining the demands of Hamas terrorist sympathizers who want to eradicate an entire race of people.

President Janine Davidson wrote in an online statement:

“We will continue to remain open to this meeting but feel it’s important that it be limited to the specific concerns of our students and not outside interests.

“Additionally, over the weekend, protestors escalated the situation – forcing law enforcement to respond as they blocked traffic on Auraria Parkway and Speer Boulevard for approximately 45 minutes. While it was seemingly otherwise peaceful, I received reports of protestors pounding on cars and frightening surprised drivers.

“It is important to note that those organizing the encampment efforts are not students or employees of any Auraria Campus-related institution. “While MSU Denver students and others with ties to the Auraria Campus are taking part in the demonstration, the orchestration includes protesters who are part of a national campaign that is organizing on college campuses across the country.

“Of the people who were arrested for violating trespassing and other laws, nearly half have no direct affiliation with the Auraria Campus. Of those arrested, five were MSU Denver students and three were our faculty members. This raises questions in my mind about who actually organized the action on our quad.”

Davidson is right to tell the truth about what is happening on college campuses.

These protests are not a grassroots uprising by informed students, but common AstroTurf lobbying by foreign interests whipping our kids into a frenzy to protest against American interests abroad.