Media headlines declared after the Colorado legislature blessedly came to a close on Wednesday that lawmakers had passes property tax relief.

And by relief, what that means is your property taxes will still go up, just as it did last year after the legislature allegedly passed a tax cut in a special session.

The tax bill just won’t go up even more under President Biden’s continued high inflationary economy.

That’s how Democrats “cut” taxes, by raising taxes and declaring it a cut because they would have raised the tax even more.

This trick on taxpayers has become a common sleight of hand for Colorado lawmakers.

This time, the scam is intended to convince voters not to pass a legitimate property tax cut and cap ballot measure this fall.

Only in Democrat politics does that equal a tax cut. And by making the equation to determine property taxes so difficult for voters to understand, lawmakers expect to get away with it. Again.

For example, local government is supposed to offer a 10% discount off a home’s value in its 2027 assessment, which would supposedly lower the tax. And yet at the same time, the assessment on homes will increase by an undetermined amount.

The only way to stop this tax increase disguised as a cut from taking place is by voting this fall for a cut and cap measure that would limit property tax growth to 4%.

Stay tuned.