Crime will soon be a thing of the past in Denver where Mayor Johnston announced he’s spending $11 million to create a new agency within the Office of Social Equity and Innovation to keep communities safe.

The new Office of Neighborhood Safety will accomplish what humankind has failed to for millions or thousands of years, depending on your religion — and that’s to make us all safe by declaring a robust commitment to racial, social, equity and justice stuff.


Peace on Earth Denver.

Johnston’s announcement during a press conference Monday came just hours after the new U.S. News and World Report rankings were reported naming Colorado the 3rd most dangerous state in which to live.

Johnston is pilfering 65 employees from law enforcement for this phony baloney solution to violent crime.

The goal so far revolves mostly around boring the public into a coma with their bullshit talking points about equity and race, justice and race, racial justice and race and community collaboration to stop the violence.

More streetlights and less police — the usual nonsense to convince Democrats the world is their safe space if they just get rid of police and jails, law and order.

To drive home his naïve point that woke politics and racial equity are the solution to keeping communities’ crime-free, Johnston staged his dog and pony PR show on the site where a shopping center burned to the ground after a gang fight erupted.

Frankly, this obsession with race whenever the conversation turns to violent crime smacks of racism, as if races other than Anglo Saxon are primarily responsible for violence.

Are the media shrugging off the rankings story because it includes property crime as well as acts of extreme violence, and they think there’s no one left in Colorado except socialists who don’t believe in property?

It seems like only weeks ago Johnston was cutting $45 million from the budget by trimming every city agency by 5% and laying off staff.

Funny how politicians can always find money to spend when they think it will boost their popularity with voters.