U.S. Rep. Brittany Pettersen thinks the economy has recovered from Bidenomics, the pandemic, and other weak-kneed governing by Democrats in recent years.

Her metrics for such a claim aren’t the return of reasonable food prices, because we still don’t need a cart to carry $150 worth of groceries.

It’s surely not the price of gasoline, which is about to spike by 50 cents to a dollar in numerous Front Range counties thanks to inept leadership by Gov. Polis.

The rent is still too damn high, our power bills keep climbing, and no one goes to Coscto anymore unless they need toilet paper.

But in Pettersen’s world in Washington, D.C. and apparently in Colorado’s 7thcongressional district, if stock market investors had a good day, the rest of us should just shut up about inflated prices.

Oh, how we long for the days before Biden when the world was so allegedly unstable we could afford to drive to work, pay our bills, buy meat, bread, and medicine, and the rent was just normal high instead of outrageous.

But hey, the rich and retirees smart enough to invest in the stock market had a record day, so problem solved.