An interesting clash of political cultures will be drawn to Aurora on Sunday to hear presidential spoiler Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talk about issues appealing to both the radical left and far right.

The rally is set for The Hangar at Stanley Marketplace from 3 to 5 p.m., with emcee Jessica Sutta of The Pussycat Dolls.

On the buffet of topics for the right are his campaign talking points to unravel corporate capture of our government agencies, unwind the war machine, end the chronic disease epidemic, reduce the national debt, make homes affordable again, and protect our constitutional rights.

Progressives get the same speech but can tune out al that epidemic talk and constitutional rights stuff they think is nonsense.

The independent candidate is not yet on the ballot in Colorado, but he has completed the petition process for key battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada, and North Carolina

From The Hill:

Kennedy’s campaign is “working to pull votes away from disenfranchised voters of both President Biden and President Trump,” campaign press secretary Stefanie Spear told The Hill about their ballot access strategy.


While Kennedy has set a goal to compete everywhere — and has predicted he’ll add new states each week — Democrats and Republicans believe the environmental lawyer likely only needs a few consequential places to force a “spoiler” outcome.

Kennedy has captured a lot of interest from conservatives through the confines of social media talking points. But in person and in charge of his own words, he’s as left as the rest of his family and surely to disappoint right-minded folks.

If Kennedy gets on the Colorado ballot, he’s more likely to be a spoiler for Biden by pulling in the more fickle progressive voters the president has catered to his entire term.

But is it enough to throw the race in Colorado to Trump and traumatize more than half the state sending them all into therapy, or back home to California?

A conservative can surely dream.