Gov. Polis grabbed his veto pen for the first time and rejected a half dozen bills passed this session prompting Democrats to cry foul, and even sexism.

State Rep. Lorena Garcia passive aggressively pointed out that nearly 82% percent of the sponsors of those six bills were women, basically accusing Polis of rejecting bills based on sex.

What is so important to Democrat legislators who identify as women that would prompt them to raise such a stink on social media and in several media accounts?

The Democratic Women’s Caucus is getting pissy with it over legislation that required preferred contractors to install HVACS at schools, and another over regulations for processing municipal solid waste.


A third bill would have excused employees from attending meetings that Democrats described as political or religious in content. We’re guessing that Marxist-leaning content and DEI instruction weren’t included.

Polis rejected another bill that required background and criminal history check on every person who traveled with a youth sports organization because he had already signed a similar, stronger bill into law.

But what really got their goat is Polis’s veto of a bill holding general contractors accountable for the payroll disputes between subcontractors and their employees.

So sexist.