Democrats believe they have finally found the solution to stop kids from committing crimes.

Basically, they’re going to pay them.

The formula is based on middle class attitudes that have progressed over the decades from paying children for household chores, to awarding bonuses based on grades, to carte blanche credit cards for whatever their privileged little heart desires.

But what about kids who are less fortunate and don’t have parents with money to burn?

If they promise not to be violent or commit crimes, Big Daddy Government will pay them to behave.

From the Denver Gazette:

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced on Monday three summer programs he said are designed to prevent city youth from becoming ensnared in crime and violence, including a bonus offer of $1,000 to teenagers who work more than 100 hours during the summer.

That’s a bonus payment of ten bucks an hour, from taxpayers who don’t earn bonuses for not being criminals.

We’re guessing Denver employees who got laid off earlier this year or saw extreme budget cuts to their departments to cover all the living expenses for Biden’s Border Busters are really excited to hear about Johnston’s new plan.

Or maybe not.