The Colorado Sun asks Gov. Polis during its Wednesday morning podcast what advice he would give Joe Biden to win reelection.

Could it be that Polis has the secret political recipe to convince voters to support a doddering old man who can’t enunciate past his dentures or complete a sentence without telling an absurd lie.

What would make voters trust Biden again after all the scandal that’s engulfed his political career and family finances, his desperation to beat political opponents by putting them in jail?

We tuned in to hear Polis’s answer, and the best advice he could muster was for Biden to talk about the future and what Polis would do if elected governor.

At least, that’s how Polis answered the question, droning on and on about his campaign promises that have cost taxpayers billions with little to show for it.

Getting back to the question at hand, Polis finally concluded:

“Talk about the future, excite people about your vision for the future. I think that President Biden does that well. I think he’ll be elected for another term.”

What a load of horse shit.

That cookie cutter advice might be a good start for politicians younger than 81 without a history that backdates a half century of political missteps and scandal.

But good luck convincing voters that Biden’s vision for the future goes any further than the lid of a pine box.